The Project

The Sustainable Coffee Van Project 2020/2021.

To build a sustainable coffee van using recycled equipment & materials.

  • Van – Obtained a 2nd hand plumbers van that a business in the ACT was retiring.
    (Toyota Hiace 2000)
  • Coffee Grinder – from Rashay’s re-fit out in Sydney.
  • Hot Water – 2nd hand gas hot water system out of a 6 months old caravan that was in an written off.
  • Build a sustainable fit out in van using recycled timber – not stainless steel.

Looking for

  • 12 volt fridge/freezer.
  • 2 Group Coffee Machine.
  • 2 water tanks
  • Wiring from demolition site.

If your able to help us with our project van please
call (02) 9222 6191 or email:

Make a donation towards the build of The Sustainable Coffee Van Project.